Coldplay Covers

This archive is intended to provide anyone who is interested in Coldplay bootlegs or concerts with a cover belonging to the bootleg or concert. I do NOT sell these bootlegs. I do NOT distribute them, or help anyone to buy them. I am NOT encouraging anyone to buy them. I encourage those who see bootlegs for sale to report them to whatever authorities can stop their practices. Finally, i do NOT want this archive being used by or in conjunction with any commercial enterprise, whether for profit or otherwise. I want my position on these matters clear.

I encourage you to support Coldplay by buying any live or studio recorded recordings, so that the band is rewarded for all their efforts. There is very little live material by coldplay but some exists in the form of ep's and singles. Please check those out!

If you have designed a cover or have found a different cover for a show please email it to or contact me at that email address directly. I am not trading so do not contact me for trades through there .

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